hair today… gone tomorrow

I have been concerned for a while about the amount of chemicals I put on my skin, so a while ago we started using organic or less nasty shampoos, shower and bath products etc.  Apart from anything else, I dont think its great to be washing lots of nasty chemicals away down the plug hole!

But a conversation with my dad ended up with me taking a step further – I get dandruff on my head if I use any shampoo other than head and shoulders, and I’ve tried lots of others, including the organic ones, they all leave me with an itchy scalp and white shoulders… nice.

My dad has a similar problem, and so he recently decided to stop washing his hair at all.  Instead he just rinses it daily, and conditions it about once a week or so.  He’s been on this regime for about a month, and his scalp is not at all flaky.

So on hearing this, I thought I’d give it a try, I got my hair cut real short first, as hair takes a while to get in to the groove of conditioning itself, and longer hair goes through an awkward ‘conversion period’ of looking greasy.

I’m a week or so into my no shampoo lifestyle, and so far I am pleased, my scalp is a little itchy, but I think it possibly needs to get used to not having lots of chemicals soothing it – and learn to sort itself out.

I have not had dandruff – and my hair is looking fine – not greasy or dirty!

I’ll let you know about further progress… I will be very pleased of this works out.

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