Rugby World Cup – I’ll take the odds on Scotland!

Am I really alone in thinking Scotland have a chance in the World Cup?

Well I probably am, but when the odds are 150 – 1 against Scotland winning, I feel like taking those odds!!  Lets think about it a minute, we’ve had a decent pre competition build up, battering Ireland and avoiding getting totally battered by the Springboks, so that’s a good start.

What we need to do now is get through the pool, and to do that we need to batter the little teams, beat Italy (that’s the tricky one) and ideally give the All Blacks a good kick up the backside at Murrayfield (if its going to happen anywhere, it’ll be there!)

But even if we dont beat the All Blacks, we could get through by beating Italy, and then we just need to hold our nerve…  alright it seems a bit far fetched even to me, but you never know what Scotland will pull out of the bag, France are always hard to predict, sometimes great, sometimes rubbish, we’ll pray for the latter!  Wales are on their uppers, Ireland have forgotten how to play, the English are all talk, ok so there are some pretty decent teams to contend with – the Boks, the Aussies and the All Blacks for a start, but on a good day with a following wind… (that changes direction at half time)

Scotland always seem to me to do well if they get some good points on the board early on, so I’ll be cheering for early doors tries from Sunday onwards.

Come on Scotland!!

3 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup – I’ll take the odds on Scotland!

  1. my friend Mike said to me yesterday: “the thing that I like about your belief that Scotland will win the world cup, is that it is based entirely on faith… there’s no evidence whatsoever to back up your opinion.”

    Well I suppose it has become a way of life…

    On the other hand, I used to play rugby with two of the guys who played for Scotland last night… I KNOW they are good 😉

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