All Blacks 40 – Scotland 0

As things go – that isnt a bad result for Scotland, as long as the team dont let it knock their confidence.

To come out against the world’s toughest side, with your second string team, and only conceded 40 points is pretty good if you ask me.

Yes the scrum did get shunted around the park, but actually any front row will struggle against those guys, and lest we forget, our big forwards were all being rested.  In fact  Iwouldnt put it past Hadden to have made that a tactical move, the All Blacks werent able to put the shove on as much as they liked, for fear of being penalised!

So I dont think that was the battering people were expecting, a tough game yes, a heavy loss yes, but a good move on our part.

The next time we see these guys could be the final (that’s if the AB’s find their form again) – and we’ll certainly field our full team then…. please God!


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