google earth prayer

tonight we tried a little something with Google Earth,

as a way of reminding us of God’s awesome majesty…

we set a google earth tour running projected on a white wall…

having first marked about 30 countries and cities in different parts of the world.

You can set the tour to loop infinitely, and set the amount of time the tour stops at each place – maximum one minute.

We did the tour for an hour, having first done a kind of text based slide show with a few reminders of God’s awesomeness – phrases like ‘Oh God, we are so small’ and other bits and pieces.

Behind the whole thing we ran a soundtrack of different pieces of music – chosen to invoke certain themes.

Playlist included tracks from Abbess, Terl Bryant’s Psalm, LLS, etc.

Now that its dark at night again, we got a great atmosphere with some candles and incense – I think it worked pretty well – needs a few tweaks of course.  If anybody else has been doing this, and has suggestions, I’d like to hear them.


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