Jarrod McKenna

It’s been great reading the guest blogs on backyard missionary from Jarrod McKenna – who has written eloquently about Ghandi – and the outworkings of what he said.  The latest addition to the series is no exception!


McKenna seems an interesting an intelligent guy – and I was able to take a few minutes to read more about the work he does in Australia this morning.  Seems like he’s in the same line as Shane Claiborne – the prominent activist from the US, and indeed the two reference one another here and there.


McKenna’s thoughts make inspirational and encouraging reading for anyone who wants to embrace the radical nature of the Christian faith – just as Shane’s book provides a good platform for those who want to learn what it means to live a Jesus following life – rather than just ‘be a Christian’. I did enjoy McKenna’s comment that if he were to write a book, it wouldnt be ‘how to live as an ordinary radical’ but rather “A how [not] to”.

McKenna also quips that: “Maybe our book would be called ‘The Resistible Revolution’ or ‘The Very Resistible Revolution’.”

I particularly like the focuses on peacemaking and community which both of these guys espouse –  in my view this is integral to Christianity.

I would encourage anyone interested to read more about what Jarrod has to say in his guest blogs on bym, and to take a closer look at both the Simple Way community and EPYC in Oz.


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