digital drumming

For her thirtieth birthday this year – Kelly got an electric drum set.  Its a good one, full size, proper kick pedals, multiple voices, all that stuff.

We got it because she had practically given up playing the drums because of where we live – in the middle of a terrace of houses.  She’s not naturally a noisy person, and doesnt like the idea of bashing away disturbing our neighbours at random hours of the day.  After all, lots of people where we live work nights… plus its a bit intimidating making very loud mistakes!

So when we got the digital drums – what a difference!  All one can hear is a rhythmic tapping as the sticks hit the pads – which feed the sounds directly to her headphones.  Add to that the fact that you can play your mp3 player or whatever through the same system – allowing you to balance music and drums – and even output to midi or other recording devices…

It’s flippin brilliant!

It does absorb more energy than an acoustic kit, but it isnt too hungry, and it does unleash creativity – bring on the digital drummers.


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