Which saint do you like best?

Been working on some stuff for the World Horizons Conference in January – something I’m probably going to use in some way is this rebranding of some of our favourite saints…

So which one do you like the sound of most?

one of the Extremists?

Brendan Into extreme sports – sailed a boat made of animal skins from Ireland to America.

Aidan Mad for cross cultural mission – took the harsh Northumbrians the ‘milk of less solid doctrine’ and defied his patron by giving away his horse!

Columbanus – Political radical – denounced the royal court and got exiled for it!

one of the Artists?

Brigid contemporary artist – founded a school of art.

Columba the original bootlegger – copied a bible without permission.

or one of the Welsh?

Illtyd old soldier – after giving up war (he was apparently one of King Arthur’s knights!) he set up a mission training school.

Samson reluctant abbot – kept trying to hide from people but they kept finding him, planted various churches and a monastery in Brittany.

David militant vegetarian – lived an austere life and gave no quarter to comfort – his symbol is a leek!

Might go for some video stuff on this I think.


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