class bit of freerunning

I really enjoy watching parkour, I’d love to say I enjoy doing it too, but I’m too clumsy and not fit enough.  Some (much younger) friends of mine recently enrolled in a gymnastics class in order to perfect the moves… well done them!

Anyway, this is a good parkour video I saw posted on the Howies website the beginning is perhaps a bit slow, but it gets really good towards the middle, and there is even a short gag reel.

its only a matter of time before someone decides we need to formalise this sport and turn it into an olympic style event sport, which is a shame, but shoe manufacturers have already begun to cash in, and clobber is bound to come soon – vests are the thing by the looks of it.


2 thoughts on “class bit of freerunning

  1. Great stuff. They’re addictive these parkour show reels. Ho-hum, if only I were ten years younger 🙂

    It’ll never be an olympic event because parkour is resolutely non-competitive – that’s right at the heart of the ‘parkour vision’.

    Post more, post more!

  2. well parkour vision or no parkour vision, they managed to turn surfing, skateboarding, and even music and drama into competitions, I dont think parkour will hold out. Especially when you consider that although there was artistic purity in the first place, most of people I know who do parkour come to it from other sports, and are competative by nature… guess we’ll see…

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