good working tunes

as I sit at my computer of an evening, working away at whatever project is at hand (currently the conference… eeek) I do like listening to the vocal stylings of Manu Chao, which are freely available on Mr Chao’s jolly nice website – ah go on.


Surely its only a matter of time before the UK ‘gets’ Manu, the rest of the world is there – we’re the only ones left!

Oh and while I’m on the subject of music, Kelly pointed out that Jack Johnson has a new album out in 2008, produced by the guy who produced brush fire fairy tales, (I thought he’d gone back to surfing!?!) and consequently Jack is gigging in hyde park in the summer, the prices are like a million quid a ticket or something, so we wont be there Jack, sorry, but interestingly it also seems to have had an impact on the prices of the other Jack Johnson CD’s which adorn the virtual shelves of online bookstores around the world. Good thing I’m adequately provided for already.


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