every little helps – especially at Christmas

I heard from a friend who works stacking shelves in Tesco, about a crafty little move the supermarket giant like to pull during the festive season.

Last night a merchandising man was wondering up and down the rows putting up prices of every day items, by a few pence here and there.

Apparently Tesco have noticed that during the Christmas hols people pay less attention to the prices of their usual shopping items, they are far too concerned with finding extra supplies of mince pies and the like.

Then before it’s been noticed, at the end of Christmas, Tesco take their prices back down, so we all wonder ‘how come I spent so much at Christmas?’

A few pence here, a few pence there, spread over millions of purchases, must make them an absolute fortune to add to their already inflated Christmas takings.

Every little helps?  Yeah right.


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