my best Christmas presents

I know its kind of wrong for an anti consumer type such as what I are – to go on about what I got for Christmas, but this year I really did get some excellent presents.

My two favourites I think are, in ascending order, a new catapult (from my girls) – my old one had died a sad death, but this one is all new and even better than its predecessor!   And then, in at number one, with a bullet, my new kelly kettle.

I first saw one in the summer, I loved it immediately, its a kind of superbly primitive bit of technology that just works so well!  It’s a conical kettle, with a chimney up the middle of it, you build a small fire inside the chimney of the kettle, and it heats the water all around it.  No need for meths or any of that other stuff you end up using on a stove, and no problems with open fires – which annoy people so.  Just a beautiful piece of hard working, hard wearing primitive gadgetry, designed to do a job and do it well.

The one I saw in the summer was a larger one, holding about two and a half pints, my one concern with it was the size, they arent exactly easy to stick in a rucksac.  But my Christmas pressie is a smaller version, which holds one pint, just right for a couple of cups of something hot, and fits snugly in a back pack.  Come on!!

Hopefully some pics coming this year of the kelly kettle in action, although not this week, cos its probably going to snow from tomorrow!  Woo hoo!


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