the conference

well the conference has finally been and gone – months of planning and arranging turned into just over forty eight hours of eating, drinking, chatting, meeting, singing, listening,  praying, more chatting and some sleeping.

One of the big successes of this year’s conference was a little installation thingy we made, called ‘my face’ – we made a kind of web, or grid of string, onto which people were invited to attach a card we supplied them with.  On the card they were asked to put their picture, (we asked them to bring one in advance) and some information – the kind of stuff you might find on one of the dreaded social notworking sites knocking around the internet these days.


As well as that, we asked them to put down some of their hopes and dreams, so that when others read them, they immediately got to know a little something about that person, which perhaps they wouldnt know otherwise.

It turned out to be a popular feature which went down well, and gradually filled up over the weekend.  I reckon its the kind of thing you could do at any conference pretty easily, and which certainly provides a good talking point if nothing else!

I met loads of people at the conference, and it was a special time as usual, I’m looking forward to next year’s – which I shall not be running!


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