First outing for the Kelly Kettle

A beautiful sunny morning yesterday lent itself to a spell outside with the kids, and a first outing for the Kelly Kettle I was given for Christmas.  It was such a lovely day we cleared some stuff out of the garden and then I got my flint and steel out, we put some sparks into some cotton wool, and set the Kelly Kettle going.

Just right for some hot chocolate and some magic moments as flames licked out of the top of the kettle – the kids thought it was great, I loved teaching them to use the flint and steel, and they were amazed to be allowed to take part in something which involved fire!

Sadly the rain returned for the afternoon, and our fun in the garden was over.  I had to walk over to a shop, and on the way back I noticed this…


which reminded me what fun it is to wear stuff out.


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