Get rid of all immigrants now!

What this country needs to do is rid itself of the immigrants that currently bolster our economy.  They come over here, marry our women, spend their foreign cash, take all our menial jobs, the stinkers! The worst thing is, to look at them you wouldnt even know they are foreign, them under cover immigrants are definitely the worst!

Yeah alright, I dont actually think we should get rid of all immigrants, quite the reverse if anything, I am all for hospitality, and rather anti the island mentality that I find around this little nation.  But I wanted to see if my brother was right, he told me I’d get lots of hits if I wrote an anti immigration article – I tried to start one off, but it just became about Americans, and the bigots dont seem to mind them, seeing as how they’ve got the dollars…

I dont mind Americans either as it goes, in fact I like the ones I know.  Some of them are blighters mind – Mr Bush dont get my vote… sadly my Bushisms calendar is now all finished, so sad, but I have some of the best ones saved, and I seem to remember a Bushisms website somewhere…

Anyway, now I’m going to sit back and see if the stats shoot up – or not.


5 thoughts on “Get rid of all immigrants now!

  1. I read a fascinating article in the guardian today about a polish doctor who does out-of-hours shifts in Scotland every second weekend. It’s a 13 hour commute but he earns in three shifts in Scotland more than he does in a month in Poland. The “jobs people in the UK don’t want to do” aren’t just low skilled menial stuff, they’re high skilled stuff at weekends and evenings too. I’m impressed by his industriousness and amazed by the way the world is getting smaller, but all the same, it has to be pretty appallingly bad for the environment.

  2. Jolly good to see some common sense being talked about immigration at last. I am sick to death of the politically correct mafia telling us that anyone who hates foreigners is a racist. Nonsense! I hate all foreigners and there is not racist bone in my body. You are the voice of the silent majority! Good chap you! (Not a woman are you?)

  3. Well this hasnt quite had the stats surge that was predicted, but I may try one on fox hunting, and see what that gets…

    Tally ho! Lets kill something small.

    BTW, I used to do a lot of work for the Daily wail, so please dont remind me what I sell out I’ve been.

  4. im glad to hear someone talk some sence were glad to hear some 1 saying that what ever you think about immigration is not racist i am agianst immigration and think it is unfair we have to have them in our english countrys . they come over with all their forign cash , try to rip us all off and take things away from us WAT CHEEK i think this should stop im doing presentations at the moment and are trying to get the point across why i am agianst them so people under stand the reason why we dont want them
    thanks 4 reading this letter

    amber + kayleigh
    x x x

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