greener than vegetarianism?

According to some new research the best way to eat, or the greenest at any rate, is to incorporate a small amount of meat into your diet – not to be an out and out veggie.

The treehugger article I just read says: “The recommended ‘dose’ for a sustainable small foodprint is to eat only about 2 oz cooked meat or eggs a day. A single serving of meat is often estimated to be about 3 oz, or the size of a deck of cards. (insert quick math calculation here) This, leaves you with eating about 2 servings of meat every 3 days.”

It adds the caveat:  “Naturally, your specific foodprint depends on where you live, and the availability of such resources as soil, water, and sunlight. But, this work points out the benefit of having a diverse system of agriculture that takes advantage of your local area’s resources, tradition, and taste.”

So I think this backs up those who go for the ‘meat as treat’ diets, and also supports the suggestion that a diet that is not too heavily meat based is better than one which includes meat based meals every day.

My personal preference is to stick with vegetarianism, and I am concerned that this allows wriggle room for determined meat eaters, who like nothing better than scarfing a nasty bit of beef that’s been flown all the way from a brazilian rainforest… Welsh lamb is pretty good though (so I’m told).

One thought on “greener than vegetarianism?

  1. I suppose the main things you want in the meat you eat environmentally is that the animals were not reared intensively (and so fed on food specifically grown for them), and ideally that they were pastured on land that could not easily produce crops for human consumption, and that the farm is close by. General ethics would suggest that you want them to have had reasonably pleasant lives while growing as well.

    Since Wales is full of mountains, I would expect there’s a lot of pasture land that would not make good arable land close to you.

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