Pete Garrett


I am not a real student of Australian politics, and I suspect most people who read this stuff arent either.

But one thing (or rather one person) made me particularly interested in the outcome of the recent Aussie poll – and that was baldie old Pete Garrett.

I’m on record as being a fan of Midnight Oil, who I rate not just because of their guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, but because of the passionate social comment that lay behind much of their output. A few years ago when the Oils split up, Pete donned a suit and tie, and went into politics.

Now he’s the Australian minister for the environment. I reckon that can only be good news for the land down under. On the other hand of course, power has a funny habit of changing people, and my sincere hope is that Pete will stay true to his beliefs and principles.

I tried to get hold of him to interview him once, couldnt get through boo-hoo. I did see the Oils in concert though, and I thought they were excellent, even though Pete was wearing a jumper… not very rock and roll.

So I’m expecting a lot from the guy who said: “it belongs to them, lets give it back” and “don’t turn back the ships of freedom” amongst a myriad of other progressive, and environmental statements.

Come on Pete, I’m rooting for you.

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