I’d love to have a yurt, I stayed in them in Mongolia, they are great. No bathrooms, but great.

This is apparently an ‘optimised yurt’ from our cousins across the atlantic.


It does look very beautiful and light inside, although I am sure it would soon get cluttered, main differences seems to be in building materials, and the fact that the chimney isnt in the centre of the yurt, the logic of the latter I am unconvinced about.

Still no bathroom though, which is a problem 😉

ht: treehugger.


2 thoughts on “Yurts

  1. We spent quite a lot of time in yurts in Kazakhstan. They tended to have a lot more felt than the one in the picture. Our interpreter waxed lyrical about how quick they were to take down and put up, how good at providing shade or insulation they were, and how waterproof they were.

    True, the toilets were often a short walk away and were not always entirely pleasant….

  2. Yep I love a proper Yurt, and this aint a proper Yurt as you so rightly point out, a lot more felt needed, and I suspect this one doesnt smell of smoke or animals 😉

    But seriously the toilets thing is an issue, if one were to live in such a dwelling in the UK for instance, as some people do of course, is there any option but an outside bathroom?

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