environmental spirituality

Politics of the environment have long been associated with hippies, ‘new agers’, wiccans and others who combine a reverence for the earth with spiritual aspects – the earth as divine for instance. But many people from many faiths and none recognise a spiritual aspect to care for the physical world around us.

Quite an interesting piece on the Guardian where a former Jain monk, turned anti Nuclear activist, turned enviro spirituality guru talks about his beliefs.  I like the suggestion that those who say ‘you’re being unrealistic’ should evaluate where realism has got us all thus far.  But I’m somewhat hesitant to agree with the whole of what’s said – mind you that’s true of most things.

I’m not into the gaia type theories, but I am interested in reflection of divinity in all of creation, and this should in my view be one driving force behind our care for the planet.

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