tonight this baby’s life hangs in the balance


Gareth Jones is the leader of World Horizons UK – his two week old daughter, Macy Lou is critically ill. 

After catching a virus, she grew very ill.  She has now been diagnosed as having blood poisoning, and her internal organs have begun to stop working. 

She is being flown tonight to Great Ormond Street hospital in London, where there is a unique machine which can properly oxygenate her blood.

It has been a major battle to get her to this point – she has until late this afternoon been too poorly to move.  She is currently reliant on heart and lung bypass machines.

Please will you join us in praying for her?  She needs the touch of God to heal her body, and her parents Gareth and Helen need all the support we can give. 

Macy means ‘weapon’ and Louise means ‘renowned fighter’.  These names are significant – Macy is in a fight for her life, our adversary would love to steal her away, and even more he would love to divert our attention from the truth of who our king is.  

Our heart’s cry, our desire, our desperate plea is that God would show his great power and heal our little sister.

Please pray for her.

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