A holographic prince

I think its fair to say that I’m not your classic royalist. What with being something of a republican and all… yeah that means something different in America, I know.

But I was fairly impressed by bonnie prince Charlie’s appearance at the alternative energy summit in Abu Dhabi – where he was beamed holographically! That’s pure star wars!!

I’m all for holographic monarchs, much better than real ones. It is not clear to me from this article whether Charlie (the young Chevalier) was speaking live, or it was a recording (I imagine it was the latter) – but its a jolly good way to avoid the air travel.

Interesting also to note his comments: “Scientists are now saying that the problem of climate change is now so grave and so urgent that we have less than 10 years to slow, stop and reverse greenhouse gas emissions. Common actions are needed in every country to protect the common inheritance that has been given to us by our creator…”

Cant disagree on that score Charlie boy – round one to you.

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