Greenjade mp3s

My good friends from the band Greenjade tell me that they are going to give away mp3s from their new album ‘Life as we know it’ on their website every thursday, beginning tomorrow (Jan 31st).

It’s been my great privelige to work with these guys a bit, helping them push the non violence message in schools throughout London and beyond. My involvement was very small, just giving some input into a video, but I am really chuffed to have played even as small a part as that in an initiative which has the real potential to change and save lives.

And as well as that, the boys know how to hold a good tune – so I recommend that you get over there for some free tunes. While you’re looking, check out zionnoiz – those guys blow me away! And if you ever come across a youtube video made by Asah Shabazz, watch it – he’s a seriously talented guy.

Peace to all the Greenjade and Zionnoiz crew!


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