More music

On the whole music tip, can I point you towards a really good album, which may have somehow slipped past you…

Hydromajestik by Wicked Beat Sound System, is just a gorgeous album.  Really soulful stuff, a very laid back deep groove with great vocals.

I only found it because I was surfing the world music collection in an aeroplane’s inflight entertainment, I loved it immediately, and bought it for Kelly at Christmas.  She loves it too, which is a sign that its a real class album.

Its not classic ‘World Music’ no hint of a nose flute or a didgeridoo, it has a rich mixture of jazzy, soulful, funky dance music – with vox that are a bit like early morning sunshine, clear, fresh, relaxing, uplifiting…

Seriously worth getting hold of if you stump up the cash, should be able to get it cheaper than the Amazon price if you try!!  If you happen to be Australian, then you should get it easy… unless of course you dont live in Australia… shut up Simon.

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