what is a Christian?

I’ve come across this question from two different directions in the last couple of days, it was referred to by the irrepressible Steve Hayes, who blogs at ‘notes from underground‘ in his article looking at Neopagan discussions of Christianity. Following a couple of links led me to this site, which tackles the subject head on. It’s written by a self styled ‘Quaker Pagan’ – a concept which leaves me a little confused to be honest, but the article is interesting.

The second reference was from the remarkable Rob Reeve, who I know quite well, and who you can read more about here. He writes a monthly devotional which is always worth reading, and this month asked: “are you a Christian”

As our Pagan Quaker friend pointed out, its a bit awkward to say one is Christian, when others who describe themselves thusly include Presidents who wage war on large swathes of the world, and bigots who call down hellfire on to anyone who dares to disagree with them on the subject of sexuality!

Rob prefers the idea of being a ‘heaven bringer’ which I have a lot of time for. After, all, Jesus wasnt a Christian…


One thought on “what is a Christian?

  1. being a chistian; Historicaly means that one belives in and aligns his values with the principles of the Nicean creed

    find the creed. read it. I think you’ll find that very few of us actually fall into the definition it lays out.
    the bull

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