bruderhof free ebooks

I have been wanting to get hold of the book ‘The Early Christians in their own words’ for a while, since hearing about it in something Shane Claiborne wrote.  Today I found that the book, along with many others is available as a free pdf download from Plough Books.

Plough is the publishing arm of the Bruderhof community, a radical Christian community aligned with Annabaptists and Bretheren types.  Bruderhof community members have all their possesions in common, have no individual bank accounts, no salaries and so on.  A radical way to live.

Some time ago, 2005 I think their online presence was removed, although Plough books have more recently posted all their books up for free download again.  They are a fascinating bunch, well worth getting stuck into a couple of titles.  I’m particularly looking forward to reading ‘The Early Christians’ and ‘Why we live in community’.

Well done Bruderhof for following through on your beliefs, and giving stuff away!


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