Kyb and the metaverse evangelist

So this weekend I had the delight of celebrating my old pal Kyb‘s 30th, and meeting his wife and some of his other friends.

We had a great time, it was good to see the old boy again, although he is looking pretty old and wizened, its all that city living 😉

Anyhow, I was kind of intrigued by the job title of Roo Reynolds, one of Kyb’s other friends, he works for IBM as a ‘Metaverse Evangelist’.  I dont think I have knowingly met a metaverse evangelist before, so it was quite a thrill… well you know.

Anyhow, Roo’s site is worth a poke around, although his extraordinary collection of lego leaves me a little worried.  At the party I almost got drawn into a potentially troublesome discussion on the nature of consumption and the importance of efficiency, but felt that it might ruin the mood, besides there was really nice cake to eat.

Anyhow, the whole metaverse thing got me interested.  I first came across the notion of a metaverse in Neal Stephenson‘s novel ‘Snow Crash‘ which was one of the many pieces of Cyberpunk literature  that I devoured during my student days.  Stephenson and his more famous counterpart William Gibson formed an important part of my higher education, and informed some of my later writings.  Notably of course Gibson is credited with the invention of the notion of cyberspace, which is considerably better known than metaverse.

The Metaverse is easiest to understand as a virtual world, in which you can act and interact with others, the kind of thing that is manifested in stuff like second life.  I dont use any kind of metaverse myself, unless you can count what I’m doing now, which I dont think you can strictly.  Metaverses require avatars… so perhaps this is a metaverse then.  I dunno, but it sure aint cyberpunk!

So there we are, a good ten years or more since I first studied metaverses, I meet a metaverse evangelist.  Interesting.  Evangelist is often synonymous with missionary…


2 thoughts on “Kyb and the metaverse evangelist

  1. Hi Roo, yeah I should have said, it was really fun meeting you, and mr ‘Netikos’ other friends too of course! Although you were of course definitley my favourite, and also the tallest 😉

    Nice to meet you mate, hope to bump in to you again some time. Cheers, S.

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