Guerilla tree planting

Noticed any random trees popping up in the middle of previously paved areas?  You could be witness to the actions of guerilla tree planters…. yeah I know, the concept has the air of silliness about it, and perhaps a whiff of futility, but the FOE initiative is aimed at highlighting the issue of illegal deforestation, and the widespread use of illegally logged timber.

So for a number of reasons, not least the anarchic part of my brain, I like this concept, and I happily encourage civil disobedience in such a good cause!

One thought on “Guerilla tree planting

  1. The problem with this although it makes us feel good is that a tree planted in those conditions – surrounding concrete that won’t let its roots grow and stressful conditions (pollution, smog, urban heat in summers) will be stressed and won’t live long either. A better option to planting a tree in an area that already has them like a park or forest area. You’ll be adding to the health of the city – trees clean the air and it will be more likely that the tree will survive and be happy.

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