Alex’s farewell

I am really only writing this because Karen said I should, but tonight was a special night.

A bunch of us went down to a certain secluded beach on the Gower to say goodbye to Alex, who’s off to be an instructor at an outdoors centre in Scotland, the campfire was excellent, the sausages sizzled, I did mine on a stone.

I love those nightime trips to the beach, when really you cold be a million miles from anywhere, and the world seems incredibly open around you, and yet the darkness encloses you like a wall around the fire.

Fire holds incredible attraction, and yet repels… amazingly wonderful stuff.

And all the guys have different ways of making fire too, for some reason the girls there didnt have much to say about fires, but all the men (including me) were experts… now back at home, and that smell of smoke is all over me, my legs ache from the walk to the beach, and the run I did earlier, and I feel great.

And there’s nothing like the ride home to get to know people… aint that right Karen!?  That said though, I still contend that I’m nothing like Peter Kay.

I’ll get some photos off Rob, and post them up.  I dont think he took any of the mass plunge…. yeah I didnt do that!

There’s a Howies wall paper that says something like, ‘there’s nothing so relaxing as aching muscles’.  So true.  Off for a bath now.

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