wonderful perspectives on ‘new’ monasticism

Steve Hayes, writer of ‘Notes from Underground’ has been around the block a few times.  Occasionally he writes lengthy and fascinating reminisinces of life in Southern Africa, and today he has provided one such, which gives a really valuable insight into the heritage of ‘new’ monasticism.

With vivid detail he recounts stories of past experiments with community living of different kinds, and the ways that some of these have ended (in most cases not well!) Perhaps one of the most fascinating accounts he gives is of early encounters with the ‘Children of God’, which took place before the move into flirty fishing, and so on.

But I think the most valuable part of this particular post, is just the depth it gives to some  of what we talk about today, as if it were a new thing.  It’s almost as if between the ancient and the present, nothing existed with any life, but this post reminds us of the ways in which folk have experimented and tried out different things, all of which is enormously valuable in terms of learning how to live in intentional community.

I strongly encourage keeping a watching eye on Steve’s blog, there is some real good stuff there.

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