Greenjade – life as we know it

I’ve been enjoying my purchase of Greenjade’s new album, Life As We Know It. It reminds me very much in terms of concept, of its predecessor, Chronicles. But vastly updated in musical style.


The Jade manage to combine the old school hip hop feel with a genuinely contemporary combination of sounds, helped in this case by a selection of collaborators. There’s a lot of gospel and jazz references hanging around, and one track (featuring Chenoa) that has a real noughties girl band feel. There’s also the usual collection of skits knocking about between the tracks, some of which are really very funny, personally though I prefer the music, which throughout the album is top quality.

My one gripe if I were to have one, is that I would have wished for more of a heavy sound across the album, something perhaps I’ve experienced more from the zionnoiz collective which the Jade are part of. On the other hand though, I guess this record has to be about getting heard, and my tastes arent universal šŸ˜‰ (This comment might not even be fair, as I listen again there seems like lots of heavy stuff on there, it was just the impression I have in my mind.)

There is some heavy stuff on there though, and I also really like the way these guys manage to combine a gospel approach with a very credible hip hop presence. Wei’s stand out bass voice comes over really well on this record, and the rhymes are consistently tight throughout.

I really like the Pressing Forward track, That’s my stand out track, and it does have a pretty heavy beat, and lovely spanish guitar type sample. These guys can really make music, and I know for sure that this album has been long in the gestation, so each track has had a lot of attention!

The remixed version of Gunz Down is on there, as is the original, still a great track.

I fully reccomend you rush out and buy one today.

Well done Wiz and gang, great record.

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