pete rollins

there’s a really good interview with Pete Rollins, of the Belfast based Ikon, on the Wittenburg door at the moment.  It’s well worth a read, as it is fair to say he’s ‘quite clever’.

For example, when askedabout his ‘belief that the truth in Christianity is not described but experiential?’ he responds: “In a sense I would not even want to say that the truth of Christianity is experiential in so much as the truth of Christianity is life and life is not experienced.”

hmmm.  yup, good point.

Or when asked what it means to be a Christian: “It means entering into a journey of becoming one. It does not mean accepting a world view but rather entering into a healing journey of life. To be a Christian also means that one is committed to exploring this life through the Judeo-Christian tradition, wrestling with it, learning from it and being transformed by it. Being a Christian means learning how to be the opening of life into the world.”

nicely put.

I first heard about this on Jonny Baker’s blog, but since then I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere too.  Well worth a read.


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