the weather – (how british of me)

despite the fact that I dont really like ‘being British’ in so much as I dont like conforming to the stereotypes, often I do, as in this case.

Flippin lovely weather we’ve been having!  So much so that I’ve begun wearing shorts again after a winter in long trousers (since about november I think) – but hey, guess what!?  I read today that the jolly old weather men and women are saying we’re in for an ‘Arctic Easter’!

I would like to ask someone from the Arctic what an Arctic Easter is, but as there arent any Arctic residents in my locality, I’ll have to guess, using my deep knowledge of journalistic lore.  I reckon they mean it’ll be cold.  Really cold.

Looks like the trousers may get another few weeks wear after all.  ho hum.


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