two intersting discussions

There are a couple of interesting questions I’ve been pondering arising out of blogland, one where Lee Proudlove aka Anselmic asked if cattle farts are really an appropriate topic for a high profile Easter message… I entered into that one in perhaps a little too verbose manner, and may have bored Lee into silence: sorry Lee.  Good stuff though, lets talk more about cattle farts, and why people SHOULD EAT LESS MEAT!

Then I followed a link from Hamo’s blog to a question this morning: is it possible to follow Jesus and believe in evolution.  Which is a good question actually as it opens so many theological discussion points.  Plenty of comments coming along there, so that’s something to keep an eye on.  Of course that goes back to the whole dawn of creation, when people DIDN’T EAT MEAT!

Gosh, I never even realised those two were linked until now…


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