Can America accept a black president?


There’s been a lot of coverage of Obama’s Philadelphia speech recently, (see also here and read a transcript here) where he finally dealt head on with the poisonous snipes that have been aimed his way, over (of all things) his skin colour. Of course the strong words of his church minister havent helped him all that much, but lets be honest, Christian ministers have a good record of criticising America for its sinfulness… And it goes down well, so long as its from the establishment direction of course. Right wing preachers are welcome to declare that America is going to hell in a hand cart, but not firebrand Black men.

I’ll be honest, if I was American, and I voted, I’d vote for Obama, but I’m not, so I wont. And I ‘m not alone, I suspect lots of people wont vote for Obama. But many of them will be Americans.

Hillary Clinton has been doing her best to spoil his chances, my favourite Hillary comment was the one where she said there was no reason to suspect him of being a Muslim ‘As far as I know ‘. Damned with faint praise then.

Matthew Norman writing in the Independent says Obama treated Americans like gorwn ups: “Barack Obama talked to Americans on Tuesday, as I said, as if they were adults. He did unto them, to adapt a closing line from a speech the commentator Andrew Sullivan called deeply Christian, as he would have them do unto him. Whether Americans have the capacity to respond as adults, or whether they cling to the comforting blanket of sideshows like the ranting Rev Wright, will go as far as anything towards deciding the Presidency.”

But is this infantile nation, which has a record of ridiculous presidents and loony politics, waves guns around and considers itself the ‘liberator of Iraq’ ready to be treated in this way? Sorry to my American friends, I know there are many many of you who are intelligent sophisticated people who no more support ignorant politics than anyone else, but unfortunately I dont think you are in the majority.

Will America rise to the challenge of being treated this way? Or will it, as I predict, plump for Senator oven chip? I sadly suggest that the Democrats may well get beaten when it comes to election time, because President Palmer aside, I dont think the US is yet ready for a black president.

Oh and by the way, Hillary is arguably only still in the race because of her willingness to play fast and loose with the truth, as this article on the Common Dreams site explains…

Or of course, we could simply follow the suggestions of Shane Claiborne and friends who are suggesting we elect Jesus for president, and put the Amish in for homeland security!


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