why true rebels should leave converse behind

cons.jpgVersus blackandwhitehix.jpg

I see Converse All Stars are plugging their anti establishment credentials, well they’ve got some right to do so. Chuck Taylor High Tops have been worn by the great and good for many a long year. I’ve owned quite a few pairs in my time too, from classic black and whites to camoflague pattern boots, they’ve always served me well.

But Cons arent the anti establishment buy they may once have been. Now owned by Nike, (you cant get much more establishment than them) they’re part of the system which has involved sweat shop labour and exploitation. (In all fairness, in recent years Nike have cleaned up their act, but they remain a massive multinational, with all that involves.)

Just because The Clash and Kurt Cobain sported them, isnt sufficient reason to buy shoes which are produced by such a major multinational. Especially not when a really good alternative is on offer…

I got my first pair of No Sweat sneakers for my birthday last year, and I’ve just bought another pair (this time I got them off ebay, and they have hemp not cotton uppers).

No Sweats are great boots, in my experience they take the same amount of punishment as Cons, they look practically identical, and come with a clean conscience!!

Dont get me wrong, Cons are great boots, but ethics dictate that where another better option is available (get your no sweats here, or keep an eye on ebay for a bargain) true rebels need to leave Nike behind, and go for 100% Union Made No Sweats.

Hey No Sweat, how about a free pair of boots for such a big plug? ;P

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