birkman test

I had to do a birkman test questionaire today for work, and guess what… it showed me that:

I am a planner – yup I knew that.

I am suited to indirect communication – that’ll be me then.

I am interested in creative things – oh gosh… really?

I suppose that as someone who’s job is to plan indirect communication in a creative way, it seems like I’m well suited.

Bit miffed that it said I should be a lawyer though!

I am not a fan of personality tests, as I think that if you are self aware, you shouldnt need them.  I was assured this one was different, I’m yet to be convinced.


One thought on “birkman test

  1. Thanks for your honest assessment of this test. A friend of a friend took it as part of an outplacement package. As I am seeking a new career direction, I was wondering whether there was anything to be garnered from taking it. I suspected it would only tell me what I already knew. Interestingly enough, the test also told him that he should be a lawyer.

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