important family news

Today was an important day for us, we officially told the community here that in August, our family will be leaving South Wales, and heading back up the road to Humberside, from whence we arrived some four years ago.

Part of our trip away over Easter was spent talking to folk in Grimsby about our thoughts and plans for this time, and as we had already talked it over with our leaders, and family members etc, today was the last part of the journey in terms of telling people our plan.

In fact when we originally planned to come down here, our plan was that we would remain for about two or three years.  The death of our son this time last year meant that any thoughts of moving on at that time were shelved, and I’m glad.  This last year in Llanelli has been very special.

What will this mean for our work?  My work will carry on much as it does now, although obviously I’ll be less involved in the day to day life of the community here.  The plan is that I will return to Llanelli once a month for meetings, and from time to time the whole family will come down together.

Why go back to Grimsby?  The reasons are many and varied. But most importantly we just feel it is the right thing for us to do.  Unfortunately it does mean leaving this lovely part of the world, and our happy home for something quite uncertain.  We dont know where we’ll live, how we’ll afford to pay a normal rent, or how we’ll cope so far from the Welsh beaches we love so much!  But with uncertainty comes excitement, excitement at what God has got for us over the next years, and the thrill of moving into destiny.

Its no secret that Horizons is something of a monastic community in its own way, and I think that is something we’ll be looking to grow around us in Grimsby too. Kelly has a strong vision for enabling local church to move outwards from within… in other words not being totally reliant on ‘mission agencies’ for the initiatives in terms of overseas trips, but being able to call on resources that will allow them to go themselves.

Thanks to a cheap rent, we live on very meagre income at the moment, unless we can find similarly cheap accomodation (unlikely 😦 ) we’ll have to find ways of earning more money.  Possibly I’ll take more writing on again, or maybe there’s another way.  We’d love to open a coffee shop, but so far that hasnt worked out in planning yet.

I will of course continue my work with organic cotton, which continues at its usual snail’s pace!  And lots of other interesting opportunities are floating around too – so we’ll just have to see what happens.

In our meeting this morning Gareth spoke about the question of ‘why are you here?’ referring to here in Llanelli – not on the earth 🙂  His answer was ‘so that God can change you.’  I can testify to that, we’ve been changed a lot over the last four years, and I’m thankful for it.

Lets just see what the next few years have in store…

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