The last feudal state in the west

Wow, I was amazed to read about the island of Sark today, which unbeknownst to me, is the last Feudal state in the west.

Sark, apparently is not subject to the same kind of government that the rest of the UK is, instead it is governed by landowners, and everyone is subject to the island Seigneur, who among other things has a private army, of forty men with muskets, and has sole right to the front pew in church.

He also gets anything that is washed up on the shore, and is the only one allowed to keep pigeons or unspayed female dogs.

This incredible state of affairs, which reads like something out of a Bernard Cornwell novel, except with bicycles, and without beheadings, is now being challenged in court, because malcontented residents, who include the millionaire Barclay brothers (boo hiss) who live in a nearby castle belonging to the Island’s territory, are fed up with having to hand over cash to the Seigneur.  Apparently it clashes with their capitalist philosophy… why did they move there then?

It’s a great story, just perfect for a parody… somebody?  Anybody?

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