New monasticism

I am really looking forward to going to the ‘New habits for a new era?‘ New Monastics conference on May the 3rd. I had the schedule emailed through a few days ago, and it looks great.

The day kicks off with worship followed by introductory sessions to Anabaptism and the Northumbria community,

After lunch there is a choice of sessions: including – Chip off the old block? (Brother Samuel, Ian Mobsby), Street-level monks? (John & Deanna Hayes, Ru & Ben Brown), Ebb and flow (Pete & Catherine Askew),Home-made habits? (Karen Stallard, Sally Nash), and Into Great Silence (for those who have heard the other stuff already.)

Other good stuff follows, but I’m already struggling to decide which bits to go to.

Looking at the quality of folks participating, this shapes up to be a really good conference.

I personally am really inspired by the potential of this growing movement to make a significant impact on society. When Antony became the first hermit monk, back in the first couple of centuries AD, he did it as much to get away from the complacency and compromise of the church, as he did to get away from society.

I think we are seeing a similar discontentment with shallow living arising again in the church, and the growth of interest in new monasticism is an indicator of that. But what we need to be sure of, is that we ourselves dont fall into the same trap, and become just another stale Christian gimmick.

See you there?


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