Paul Simonon

I was really annoyed this morning when the Today program did a piece on ‘ex punk rocker turned artist’ Paul Simonon.  I really like the Today program, but this was a really shallow piece, which portrayed Simonon as some kind of johnny come lately painter, moving from music to art.

The truth is, (and its not hard to find) that Simonon, who is a really great painter, has been painting for a long long time, and was an artist before he was ever a musician.

I dont suppose he is bothered, as it just means more people will come to the exhibition, but it annoyed me – poor research, very poor.

I know I’m a bit of a Clash fan-boy, but all the same, I think I would have been annoyed anyhow.  Grumble grumble.

There was a decent interview with Simonon in the Guardian the other week.  Here’s a link.


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