Liturgy and prayerful contemplation

Not being brought up in the Church of England and all that, I dont know really very much about liturgy, and proper liturgical ways, but I notice Mark Berry has just posted up his meditation material for tomorrow which is the feast day of St Julian don’t y’know.

He’s got a nifty thing going on with hazelnuts, which looks cool, and is doubtless destined to be deemed a ‘worship trick’ by Jonny B.

In the meantime, and back on the subject of liturgy etc, I’ve just written some stuff for tomorrow too, for the meditational/devotional beginning to our prayer morning. In case you are interested – here it is.

Begin with a welcoming, a corporate chant, and a silent meditation on Bible passage. Then:

The Affirming. (Read this out loud together).

Oh Lord

Our God

We submit again to you today.

Still our hearts

Calm our heads

As you calmed the storm.

Creator, redeemer, companion

Father, prince, friend

Almighty, unstinting, constant.

You who always were

Forever are

Ever more shall be

We who breathe in,

And breathe out,

Know your goodness

*Take some moments to silently resubmit to God – confessing your sins and asking that he takes you forward with him today.

The Asking. (Read this out loud together).

We ask today Lord:

That we would not judge

That we would see beauty in all others.

That we would come before you in humility.

That we would set aside our wants, for the sake of others.

We ask today Father:

That you would provide for your people.

That you would lead us away from temptations.

That we would see the world through your eyes.

That you would raise up more to work alongside us.

We ask today Spirit:

That you would comfort those who mourn.

That you would inspire those whose hearts begin to falter.

That you would remind us of our commitments.

That you would strengthen weary limbs.

*Take some moments to silently ask God for his word for your life today.
The calling. (Read this out loud together).

We call on each other to rise up.

We call on our hearts to stay firm.

We call on our hands to grip.

We call on the Lord – for he is our source, our inspiration, our light.

We call on each other to live today.

We call on our minds to choose life.

We call on our legs to stay strong beneath us.

We call on the Lord – for he is our redeemer, our strength, our all in all.

*Take some moments to silently ask God to be your strength today.
The blessing. (Read this out loud together).

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul.

May this day bring peace to the troubled,

Comfort to the downcast

Clarity to the confused

Joy amidst tears

Laughter amidst pain

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul.

* take some moments to pray for those who are suffering or oppressed. If none come to mind, pray for justice to flow like a river over the war zones of the world.

Closing prayer:

Oh High King of heaven, we worship you.

Have mercy on your children.

Fill us afresh today with your holy spirit.

Revive in us passion for the lost and the least.

That your kingdom may come,

On earth as in heaven,

In Jesus mighty name,



3 thoughts on “Liturgy and prayerful contemplation

  1. I stumbled across your website looking for material on saints. Thank you for your beautiful prayer. Thanks, too, for your article on St. Brendan. Have you heard, by chance, that in Newfoundland an Irish cloak pin was found, from about the same time as Brendan’s journey. Also, Irish runes were found inscribed in caves in the US. Perhaps Brendan indeed realized the impossible.

  2. Hi, Charlies Mum here, May I in a future Church magazine that I help produce use The Affirming Prayer? I know it will bless our readers, as it has blessed me today.

    Thank you for the heartfelt Ajani, weeping again for the family and humbled by Kelly and your faith.

    With love, Rosemary.xx

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