all about the salmon

sorry for not writing much recently, been doing lots of work, and by the time I get round to thinking about blogging, my eyelids are drooping.

Had I been blogging I would probably have droned on about Jesus for president, (so good!!) which I am currently reading when I get the chance, the whole thing of post charismatics, todd bentley, and christians who wear bling, I really must get round to writing about the birkman test which was much better than I thought it would be, I’m having a love affair with Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ – again, I might even tell you what an impact the slow worm in my garden has had on the slugs, how much better the lettuces I planted up with home made compost grow than ones in shop bought compost, lots of talk about sunshine and beaches (another reason I’ve not been blogging) – and all about the salmon and a brand new dance – killer track from last year – which I’m gonna leave you with.

I’ll be back!  But till then…

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