some good links…

really interested to read a series of posts by Mark Sayers, who writes thoughtfully about some of the reasons young adults are so fed up with church… starting here. (ht: hamo)

go here to read all about my brother’s forthcoming exhibition in the USA, wish I was clever like him 😦

bibi van der see gives some helpful pointers about how to protest and survive!

archbishop of the weird hyper charismatics John Crowder answers some of his critics here

and finally TSK had the legend that is David Pierce (from whom I first learned it was possible to be a Christian punk) on his site a while ago, well worth a read.  I love that guy – here’s my favourite quote from his interview: “…Can you imagine an anarchistic band ever saying, “We’re not an anarchistic band. We’re just a band of people who happen to be anarchists. We don’t want to push anarchy on people. We just want people to see anarchy in our lives”? If everyone else can speak clearly and give their ideas without restraint, how come Christians always feel like they have to keep silent, especially when there is so much authority in their message?”

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