It’s been a long time since I blogged –  a number of important things have taken place since the last post:

1) I turned 31

2) I completed the Llanelli 10K race – I took about an hour and came 601st out of a field of about 830… I was pleased.

3) I got temporarily obsessed by ebay, as I bought some dj kit and two cd’s with money I got for my birthday.

4) Some potentially massive steps forward with the organic cotton project have taken place – I will update as they become more or less concrete.

5) I had my hair cut.

6) I got told off by my daughter for driving to the swimming pool.  She was right.

7) I got paid for some work (forgot what that was like for a bit).

8) We set a date for moving – despite not having anywhere to move to: August 15th…

So on we go… I’ll write more soon I promise.


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