George bites the hand that feeds

I was impressed by the way that George Monbiot, freelance writer and documentary maker, took Channel 4 to task earlier this week.

Following on from the ruling regarding the Channel 4 ‘documentary’ on climate change, George let rip with both barrels, pointing out the broadcaster’s bias against certain viewpoints, and even comically offering a documentary idea of his own, positing the idea that the moon is made of cheese. Lol.

George is unlikely to get work from Channel 4 again, because he continues to put his mouth where his principles are – good for him.

And he offers a likely answer to the question of why C4 dislike environmentalists…

“So why does Channel 4 seem to be waging a war against the greens? I am not sure, but it seems to me that much of its programming – whether it concerns property, celebrities or contestants seeking fame and money – is aspirational. Environmentalism is counter-aspirational. It suggests that the carefree world Channel 4 has created, the celebration of the self, cannot be sustained.”

A very insightful and reasoned piece of criticism, which is nothing less than I would expect.  All his writing is worth a read, whether you agree with him or not (I often don’t).  Also for any activists looking at a career in the media, his career advice page is well worth a read.

Stick it to the man George!

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