moving house next week

Up to my eyes in boxes at the moment, boxes of books mainly – which says something I suppose.  We are due to leave here next weekend (16th), and as yet we dont have a house to go to, so the fall back plan is to move in with the in-laws (out-laws) while we concentrate on finding a new place.  I say we… Kelly will be in North Africa for a good part of September, and then after she gets back, she’ll be preparing for a trip to India not long after, somewhere in between those two, I’m supposed to be going to a conference in Portugal.


One of the finds, as I packed boxes this evening, was my old contacts book.  When I was working the hard news beat, my contacts book was my constant companion, and it contains addresses and mobile phone numbers of high profile authors, actors, musicians, celebs, business people, policemen, lawyers, even a spy!  I’m sure most of them are out of date now, but it was a real blast from the past to flick through it – what a totally different world I lived in then!

When we move most of our stuff will have to go into storage as we search for another house, until very recently I was convinved we would have to rent somewhere, but then I realised that rents are as high if not higher in some cases, than paying a mortgage, so I thought, well, perhaps we should buy somewhere then… singularly failing to take into account the fact that our ridiculous income would mean we couldnt get a mortgage, and would struggle to convince a landlord to rent to us!!

However, change seems to be afoot, more news on that before long I hope.  Among other things, I am inspired by the availability of shared ownership schemes that are knocking around.  I think they would require a higher income than we have at present, but I’m working on that one, and there may be light at the end of that particlar tunnel.

So we may yet become home owners, which will conflict somewhat with my ‘property as theft’ mentality – but then so does the notion of owning my own underpants, so there you go.

We’ve had a few wobbles about moving this month, it felt a bit too uncertain, and we almost called it off, but the boxes are filling up, the van is booked, and in a fortnights time, we’ll be gone.  Yikes again!


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