we moved

One van – packed until it was ready to pop;

One car – full to the roof;

One boot load of stuff – coming up with a friend next weekend;

Half a boot load of stuff in our friend’s shed;

A plant and a vacuum cleaner waiting collection in our old garage;

And that is that.

Llanelli is 298.46 miles behind us – the future is unwritten.

We’ve not got a house, we’re camping out in the in(out)laws’ spare room.

It’s kind of exciting to wonder where we will be at Christmas time, kind of stressful too.

Today we looked at a house, it needs a lot of work doing, and a lot of money to buy it – well a lot of money to us anyhow – I wonder if that’s where we’ll end up… Or maybe its somewhere we havent seen yet.  Yikes!

Thanks so much everyone who helped us, I wish I had taken photos of the crew, truth was I was too busy worrying about what would happen when the van got full!  Anyway, Paul’s shoulders would have filled the whole picture, and Michael and his immaculate ‘tash hopped it too early.

So there we are, thanks everyone!  See you in September!


One thought on “we moved

  1. oi oi, I had an email (I think) that hinted on the grand expedition.. alas I am still none the wiser despite being told to wait and see by that mischievous woman you married 🙂

    Hope you are both well, and a little more forthcoming with some locational info..

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