the strange tale of the bigfoot hoax

Two ‘intrepid’ hunters stood up before the world’s press last week to declare they have found Bigfoot.  In fact they had bagged and tagged one of our long lost hairy friends, and it wasnt even that one who used to be in a sitcom…

They had this particular specimen housed in a chest freezer – which seems a bit odd right off, but there you go, bigfoot hunters are bound to be a bit odd.

But guess, what – it was a hoax!  No – I know you’ll be amazed, but the Georgia (USA, not the troubled caucasus nation) Bigfoot turned out to be made of rubber.  Boo hiss!

What is strange about this is not that the bigfoot was a fake, but that it was so obvious!  Why would two apparently sane men stick their necks out and claim to have found Bigfoot, only to later admit they had stuck a dummy in the freezer?  That’s plane bonkers!  So… is it all a conspiracy?  Did the black helicopters come and take away the real bigfoot and replace him with a rubber model?

Keep watching the skies…

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