just one of those things

The last few weeks have seemed both too fast, and too slow.

I have this strange sensation of stnading still, and yet things around me seem to be moving too fast for me to be able to hold on to.  Each day goes by and I am left bewildered at what has taken place, sometimes it seems momentous, sometimes it seems like nothing has happened, sometimes the very nothingness seems to be overwhelming.

Just one of those light and witty opening paragraphs that one weaves from the fine gossamer thought threads which spill out at this time of the evening.

I have been reflecting on how much my life has changed in a few short weeks – we have moved house, we no longer live in Llanelli, we no longer have a house of our own – we’re technically homeless.  As yet the kids have not started a new school, I’ve been ‘home educating’ for the best part of a fortnight.  Kel is overseas, she wont be back for another couple of weeks, so I’m stuck in this weird situation, no home, kids off school, no time to work, running around trying to look at houses, trying to face down estate agents who dont believe we can live on our meagre income, trying to find schools, looking at offices, looking at allotments…

Oh yeah, that is pretty good, allotments.  Man there are a lot of allotments available here.  Grimsby must have a good couple of hundred allotments unoccupied, perhaps more.  I’ve picked the one I want, to be honest I could get quite a few if I wanted them, but one lot of digging will do me for now.  I read that all over the country people are snapping up allotments like there is no tomorrow, well they dont seem to be doing that here! If you want an allotment, move to North East Lincolnshire, you’re quids in.

The weird thing about the house situation is that the place we want to live, a big old council estate called the Nunsthorpe estate, well nobody else is supposed to want to live there – but despite that we cant get a flipping house there!  I read recently that the council used to have to advertise its properties on the Nunsthorpe, because nobody wanted them.  Seems that has changed!  I’m told the waiting list position we’re on could see us housed by the local housing association in four years – yippee!

One things for sure, we need to find somewhere before then.

So in the meantime I’m pushing ahead in Kel’s absence, trying to get kids into school (even for that I have to appeal – come on guys, give me a break!) I have found home educating pretty hard work, I kind of like it, but its totally full time, the evening finds me worn out and pretty useless in work terms.  I do lesson plans on the back of envelopes, which I am told makes me pretty good for a home educator – LOL – I doubt that is true.

Today home school consisted of an extended trip to the library, then reading and memory games for a while in the afternoon, before swimming lessons kicked in (all I have to do is watch those!) tomorrow, I need to try and fit in a couple of trips out to see a house and an office – have to see if I can make them educational somehow 😉

Other homeschool days have included developing fact files on countries and animals, art projects, and watching a documentary about spectacled bears (genius!)

I reckon I’ll have one of them in school before long, the other may take up to a month I’m told…

One shaft of light has begun to shine, I went round to Mark’s house last night to talk about creative stuff.  There is a group of people here who are all involved in different creative arts, and they’ve formed themselves into a community of sorts.  As yet they’ve not done much together, but I am quite hopeful that we could do some pretty cool stuff in terms of alt worship gatherings and so on, we’ve begun the conversation, lets see where we go from here.  I’ve also been talking to some folk about a little cafe church type project which could start moving pretty soon.

But generally things have been fairly hard, I think the burden will be lighter when we have our own place again, and when Kel is back from North Africa (dont tell the kids, but she’s off again in November, to India this time!)  Those two things will certainly make a big difference.

In work terms, seems pretty clear that we need to earn more money, so I’ve been thinking of starting a little gardening type business, using my fairly basic gardening abilities, and combining some eco know how, to help people go greener, grow their own veg, that sort of thing.   I wouldnt be doing it all myself, I have a partner in grime, so as and when I get to developing that project, that may help change that situation.

I’ve also got an idea for a world music club night – I think I’ve found a good venue, I’ll no doubt rave on about it if it happens…

As I’m just about starting to get into a routine now, I may be able to get back into blogging again, and hopefully it wont be all long winded winges like this one, but hey you know, when your wife is away, who else do you have to waffle on to?

Anyway, as my default position at the moment is to gaze blankly at the screen as I vainly search ebay for a reasonably priced second hand waterproof, (I found one the other night, but I got sniped.  Darn!) it’s back to the search…

And yeah, Graeme, if you got this far and still hadnt worked it out, we moved to Grimsby – home to the busiest container port in the UK, and now a family of Crosses!  Well who would have thought it?


4 thoughts on “just one of those things

  1. wow, Simon, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on right now. I’ll be praying for you and Kel and the girls. And I wouldn’t worry too much about the home education thing. I’m the product of fairly lax homeschooling (although my mother always fretted that she was doing it All Wrong and I’d turn out completely ignorant), and I seem to have survived it without any major scarring 🙂 And yes, the fact that you are actually writing out lesson plans at all puts you miles ahead of most homeschooling parents.


  2. hey smith! so good to get your email the other day, sounds great! we went to look at the viking centre in York yesterday, I thought of you….

    glad to hear the kids could turn out like you, you are not a bad advert for the homeschool philosophy 😉

    now I’m going outside to shoot some hoops…

  3. not just that, we went to the national railway museum too (railroad to you – or ‘Iron horse’ or something) more steam trains than you can shake one of your neolithic findings at!

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