no big names need apply

I’ve been thinking for a while about how much I would like to do a small festival, with no big name speakers or expensive bands.  Just people with passion for Jesus, life and the world.

Then I read Andrew Jones’ recent post about the Slot festival in Poland, and it rekindled the desire.  I think reading about Slot before on his blog, and elsewhere reading about Papa fest in the states, and feeling how much I’d love to do something like that.

I know I really dont get many comments on this blog usually, but I get quite a few emails from people off the back of stuff I have posted, so if you’re the kind of person who is into this kind of grassroots stuff, and you would like to be involved in doing something nice and underground, then connect with me, and lets make it happen.  If we start now, we could do it next summer…


3 thoughts on “no big names need apply

  1. I pray that you find others in your area who are as passionate about Christ as you are! Praise be to the Lord that He guide fellow readers to your blog.

  2. Hey Simon… cheers for the comment… Sounds interesting, would love to have a conversation, we’re pretty committed to Greenbelt, but theres def. room for something different!

  3. Thanks Mark, we’ll have that conversation soon I hope. By the way, can I put it on record, that I dont really think your hair is dodgy.

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