more freeconomics

I had some slightly unkind things to say when the self proffessed freeconomy pilgrim Saoirse abandoned his walk from Brighton to India after arriving in France and realising nobody there understood his language.  While I found his commitment to the cause noble and idealistic, I found his assumptions at best naive and at worst arrogant and patronising.

But I have kept up with his progress as he has settled back into life here in the UK, and more recently he has taken another interesting path – one which seems more likely to succeed.

I have blogged before about how much I like the idea of going off grid, and in this experiment Saoirse is going to go off grid completely – trying to have no dealings with cash at all for a year.  Dealing first witrh his most basic needs for shelter and food, he managed to get a caravan through freecycle, then a place to site it by volunteering on a farm, he gets veg from the farm too, and for bread he works for a day for an organic food business, taking in payment a bag of grains.  That bag is worth monetarily a mere £15 – but as he puts it, it’s worth much more than that to him, as it represents a month’s worth of bread.

Of course things would be more complicated for him if had a family to consider, but as it is, the situation he is in is quite impressive.  He is genuinely managing for the most part outside of the economic grid – which is great.

I hope that this time he can sustain the experiment.


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